Your Legal Suite

GaLexy is a cloud-based corporate legal management software that provides legal departments of all sizes with a single platform from which contracts can be tracked and managed. With modules to manage legal contracts, business and compliance risks, as well as litigation, intellectual property and e-invoicing, GaLexy aims to provide comprehensive legal management software. We research, hire and train our lawyers and legal staff to think like entrepreneurs. As a result, Sage Business Counsel unites to support your business as part of a bespoke production plan with agreed goals on an ongoing 12-month basis. Each plan is unique to the client by focusing on the goals that move the business forward the fastest and with the greatest impact. Companies can participate in our CLS program for as many years as necessary to enter the growth phase, where they must hire and train in-house counsel or team. If your company is ready to hire its own in-house lawyer, Sage will help you find, hire and train with the same framework we use to make the transition seamless. Once Sage Business Counsel has helped you establish or correct your firm`s legal and compliance foundations, your team will learn to trust and access our business advisors as strategic business advisors, rather than ordinary lawyers who offer little or no strategic advantage. Sage Business Counsel provides unparalleled legal services and innovative business solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Our strategic business advisors and business lawyers provide new and existing businesses with proactive legal oversight to protect their assets and achieve their growth objectives. Starting a business requires a lot of planning and preparation.

Want to avoid paperwork when starting a business? Narine is an experienced and licensed legal assistant. She is here to help you launch and increase the value of your business by providing customized document preparation services. By partnering with a business law firm like Sage Business Counsel as strategic business consultants, executives can take their business to the next level. If your team has an idea or suggestion, our company is happy to say “yes” and help them make it happen. We create the conditions for your company`s future in-house legal department to thrive, allowing the company to compete at a more competitive level without fear of lawsuits or audits. While your team is busy making profits, Sage Business Counsel takes care of your organization`s legal and compliance risks and requirements. Hard-won success must be assured and protected. Please contact our team of strategic business consultants and lawyers today if you have any questions about our Chief Legal Suite™.

These 5 pillars allow us to examine your risk and compliance as well as your business operations so that your company`s legal foundation enhances and supports your team in achieving long-term goals and ultimately sustainability. Chief Legal Suite™ provides our tenant partners with a dedicated strategic resource. When your team partners with Sage Business Counsel, we help you review your organization`s legal and compliance risks using the 5 pillars of a strong business framework©: 1) sales and marketing; (2) production and delivery; (3) Human resources; (4) ownership and management; and last but not least, (5) financial controls. Very professional and thorough in setting up my LLC. Definitely recommended. By implementing the legal suite, Randstad Canada has become a leader within Randstad`s global organization and is the first operating company to fully integrate front and back office systems,” Michelle Miranda, Director, Contracts and Legal Affairs. Narine made setting up my CLL, a task that seemed very intimidating to me since I had never created my own entity before, an effortless experience. She took care of everything and was accommodating, helpful and professional. It is highly recommended by me for anyone who wants to start their business unit. Are you looking for tips and tricks to achieve specific business goals? Download our free PDF of the Chief Legal Suite™ below or visit our blog for more information.

Strategic Business Partner providing legal services to entrepreneurs and families Legal Suite supports the following languages:Arabic,
English, French, Spanish I even wondered if someone could solve my problems. Another Legals just eats my budget and no results! For the first time, I had an A+ service with really money! Thanks guys, go ahead and save others like me! Working with Narine is a dream come true – she is attentive, friendly and supportive every step of the way, how confusing registering an LLC can be. It connects you with the best people and offers gentle reminders of support and guidance, even when life gets so hectic. 10/10 would still be 🙂 Recommend.