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If you need legal help, you deserve the skills and compassion of an experienced lawyer by your side. If you need help with your family law and estate planning in Central Texas, you can count on Key Law Office lawyers to help. We understand that you need to rely on a trusted, compassionate partner who can represent you in a difficult situation. We believe in nurturing a relationship that helps our clients feel comfortable while diligently defending their rights and interests. Communication is a crucial element in this regard, and keeping our clients informed of all developments during the litigation is a top priority. We also want to be aware of your financial constraints and will make every effort to reduce the legal fees and costs associated with your file. The first step in using the key number system is to find an applicable key number. The Westlaw homepage link to “Key Numbers” allows you to navigate by topic level. You can also display a link under autosuggest content pages when you start typing key numbers in the search bar at the top of the screen. WestSearch Plus on Westlaw Edge provides superior search suggestions directly from the search box and then provides the most relevant text for your legal query without having to dive into a list of results.

Handling a legal case that requires the help of a lawyer can be stressful, and new developments can emerge when you least expect it. LOCATE cases that deal with similar legal concepts and principles The goal of any legal researcher is to find the best way to focus on a specific legal problem and quickly find concrete cases. But given the huge amount of information available on the Internet, is it really possible to quickly find the perfect case? Even if you are able to quickly find a relevant case, can you be sure that there is no other case that is more suitable? Surprisingly, the answer to both questions is yes. The best way for a lawyer to ensure that they are relying on arguments that reflect the true nature of the law is to use KeyCite on Westlaw and Westlaw Edge. The key number system was the first of its kind when it was developed by West Publishing more than 100 years ago. The Key Number System, a primary classification system in U.S. law, allows our writing attorneys to organize cases based on appropriate legal issues and topics. Our Key Number Digest books help legal researchers quickly and efficiently find relevant case law on the stacks and shelves of huge legal libraries. Few analog tools have made the transition to our digital world better than key figures, and using key figures on Westlaw can quickly perform complex legal research tasks. Use one of the following methods to use West`s key number system, which is integrated with KeyCite on Westlaw and Westlaw Edge. At Key Law Offices, our mission is to provide effective advice and develop an approach to your specific legal challenge. Because of our extensive experience in social work, we have the unique ability to look at a case from all angles and perspectives – and provide you with in-depth experience unmatched by other businesses.

We understand that every case is different and that each client comes to us with their own unique circumstances. That`s why we make it a point of honor to learn more about you, your case and your goals to create a personalized legal plan. Our goal is to provide you with sound legal advice and help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case. We have never found a case too small or simple, too complicated or complex, and each case is as important to us as it is to you. Our roadmap is backed by years of experience, tireless research and great dedication to the individual case of each client. Every situation is different, every case is unique; Therefore, a family law approach should never be an option. At Key Law Offices, you can be sure that your legal case will receive personal attention to detail. Not a Westlaw subscriber yet? Learn more about Westlaw`s legal research. For more Westlaw tips, visit our training and support page. If you return to the main key number page, you see two options: Search for header notes or Key numbers and topics. The main search bar at the top of the screen searches for all headers in the key numbering system. This is useful for finding top notes about your issue and then seeing where they are categorized in the key number system.

The second search bar in the gray area searches only for key figures and topics. This option helps find specific key numbers that use the language you`re using, while searching through top notes provides a broader option for finding useful top notes or related key numbers. If you find a case to the point, the key numbers will lead you directly to others. The Guidelines are summaries of specific legal issues addressed in a particular case and written by Westlaw Attorney Editors to ensure that the topics contain relevant cases, even if those cases may use atypical language. The corresponding top notes are always listed at the beginning of a case and offer a good alternative entry point into the key numbering system. After reviewing the cases and finding a useful title, click on the classification hierarchy next to the header in the key numbering system. (You can change the appearance of the title using the display options in the upper-right corner of the first title.) If you want the best possible representation, you need the most qualified and knowledgeable lawyer. Clicking on these links takes you to the West Key Number System content page. If you refine by topic, you will eventually arrive at a list of top notes that correspond to a specific summary of key figures in printed form. From there, you can search or refine by jurisdiction as needed. After selecting a key number, you can search in the box on the left, or you can search in another jurisdiction using the Edit link under the Key Number heading at the top of the page. Family law encompasses many different aspects of law, from marriage to custody and everything in between.