Legal Seafood Menu Framingham Ma

No one wants to get lost at sea, but those who have fun enjoy long visits to our Framingham restaurant. Stuck in our seafood dining room, shake the boat in our living room or grab a fresh catch in our takeout window. For the home cook, we sell live lobsters to take away. We customize every menu and every detail according to your wishes. Over the years, we have welcomed as many types of functions as there are fish in the sea. Our chefs have worked hard to create new dishes made entirely from some of our most popular seafood and new side dishes. Feel free to send us your feedback to your server or to our online survey! Sesame-crusted yellowfin tuna – $36.00 Sichuan green beans, cashew nuts, organic salmon Ponzu Sea Harvest, Isle of Skye – $30.00 Marina with dill yogurt, frigola salad, sundried tomato pesto, arugula, olives. We are located on the Natick/Framingham line, opposite Shopper`s World and close to Natick Mall. Mexican cod – $29.00 cob fried corn, cotija cheese, coriander, blue corn tortilla FPS Gumbo shrimp – $26.00 Chicken – $24.50 Andouille sausage, jasmine rice Moroccan grilled swordfish steak – $35.00 Red chermoula, hummus, chickpea salad, piparra paprika, naan Make a splash when you celebrate a special occasion or host a corporate event with us.