Legal Definition Apprise

Training and training of management and employees on important legal issues. When he first heard about it, he was excited by his greed, as some of the most important candy in his office were gifts. To inform, to know, to inform, to notify means to draw attention to something. Information means conveying knowledge, especially facts or events. informs us about the crisis Knowledge attaches importance to introduction or familiarity. Becoming familiar with the keyboard means communicating something of particular interest or meaning. Keeping us informed of the situation to be notified involves sending a notification about something that requires attention or action. informed the witness of his appearance The judge asked the wife if she had informed the authorities of the necessary medication. Traditional meaning of learned, learned in French legal history (with some legal use in England and the United States in the nineteenth century) [1]: (in French) Scholar; clever. McKeon tried to be part of the process by making sure she was informed of each development in detail. Of course, the lady on whom he operated was no more informed of his intention than at the first opportunity.

She had not had an accident, but had been detained in Palatka, where she was waiting for a passenger whose captain had been informed. When Edward arrived at Durham, he was informed of the passage of the Scots by a trail of smoking ruins and devastated fields. “Apprise v. tr.” Dictionary of the Scotch Language. 2004. Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd. (accessed 30). September 2022 Blake also came to Ballard, who calmly and evenly promised — from one legal man to another — to keep Blake fully informed.

LEARNED, v.tr. Sc. Law: sell (land owned by a debtor) to settle the debt; (the debtor`s immovable property) for this purpose. [ə′praɪz]Sc. 1754 Erskine Princ. (1820) 264: Personal rights to land may be claimed. Ib. 263: If no buyer can be found, the sheriff must determine or tax the value of the land through an investigation (hence the name assessment) and transfer the land to the creditor up to the value of the debt. When the shouts of the crew informed them that Chief Orangutan Blanda was on board, their cries of welcome went unanswered. Inform all workers, supervisors, subcontractors and consultants who will be on site of the seriousness of the risk and the appropriate work procedures that must be followed. If a party does not appear to announce a claim or proceeding without notifying the court, the case may be dismissed for failure to prosecute. L.R.

41-6 Rejection – Applicant`s failure to keep the court informed of the current address. Learn about all travel requirements for the destinations travelers will be traveling to and, if necessary, let them know about alternative plans that are more cost-effective and convenient. Learn more about the Veterans Administration Eligibility College and other assistance programs. inform the Executive Board, if necessary, by means of minutes and special presentations, of significant developments in the performance of the above-mentioned tasks. Keeping shareholders informed of the affairs of the Corporation The Board of Directors intends to provide shareholders with periodic financial reports for the Corporation. Assuming that a broader interpretation of Section 1346 could make the law impermissibly vague, we believe that Congress would have drawn the honest line of service, as we do now, in systems of corruption and bribery. About this entry:First published in 1934 (SND Vol. I). Notify employees in writing of any changes to arbitration compliance rules that may occur during the term of the contract. The Romans then had to fulfill their professional obligations, fear the same gods, obey the general laws and participate in the emperor`s mission to revive and protect the empire, in short, to consider themselves members of a universal empire. Inform incoming students of the policy and standards of behaviour expected during orientation sessions; 3.

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PAO (a) Inform newly recruited prisoners of their constitutional rights and of the various types of early release provided for by applicable law during the regular weekly orientation of newly recruited prisoners. You can vary the format shown below depending on the citation style you use. French learned, past participle of learning to learn, to teach, from Old French aprise L.R. 41-6 Rejection – failure of the applicant Pro Se to keep the court informed of the current address. Notify the Northern Selection Centre immediately if your unit is deployed to Kapurthala. When he learned of the commercial success of his lost literary work, Thiessen laughed. The specified future cash flows used to determine fair value are discounted at the effective interest rate. Extrajudicial sanctions, notification of the accused and choice of rights, accused who are not restrained to a ship or who have visited it (without the right to speak to a lawyer)d. When the Council was aware of these concerns, it recommended to the Windsor Assembly in 1985 that “the Faith and Order Committee continue its studies and prepare an auxiliary document characterizing the various salient points and principles of the Convention for purposes of worship, witness, education and mission.” Your Faith and Order Committee has been guided by the considerations set out in the preamble.

Report of Council to the Windsor Legislative Assembly in 1985. DISMISSAL OF ACTIONS 54L.R. 41-1 Rejection – Unjustified delay 54L.R. 41-2 Rejection – effect 54L.R. 41-3 Restitutio in integrum – Sanctions 54L.R. 41-4 Refiling of application dismissed 54L.R. 41-5 Rejection – no-show 54L.R. 41-6 Rejection – Failure of applicant to keep the court informed of current address 54F. R.CIV.P. 42. Learn more about the Veterans Administration Eligibility College and other assistance programs.

Note: It is the applicant`s responsibility to request that official certificates of previous education be sent directly to the admissions office.